I’m back baby!

Got moved in last night, ended up watching my new housemates 7 year old for a bit, his German Shepherd is getting along great with Cher, and we finally got the password for the WiFi so I’m officially back online! I don’t have much to write at the moment, I’m just happy to be back on the Internet and able to start really catching up on some things (yes, like Netflix).

The new house is good, the bed is comfy, the house is awesome, I’ve been able to actually get my massive amount of laundry almost completely done already. Most of my stuff is unpacked (can’t get it all unpacked until I get a bookshelf, that’s on my list). I’m currently updating stuff on the computer & will soon be going to make some dinner.

Lets Play Catchup

I’m still not caught up but it’s 9:30 and I still have to make my phone hot spot work and get this stuff posted and I’m so exhausted. I was hoping to post 3 posts tonight but the topic of the third post that I was going to touch on will have to wait. The post about my mom just exhausted me and I need to shower, stretch, ice my shoulder, eat a few more cookies, brush my teeth, and somehow get to bed before 10:30/11. And by bed I mean fall asleep on the couch watching a DVD because I have so little still here at my apartment. I’m so ready to be done the moving.

  1. I have updated my reading list to include the 5 most recent books I’ve read. Last week due to some very important personal issues dealing with my relationships with multiple people and trying to handle that I barely read at all. I did finish two books, this week I’ve read four books so far and I just borrowed another from my aunt that I’m going to start tomorrow. I may actually read that book twice, once to take notes & once to just read it. I’ll get to that in a bit though.
  2. I had a great vacation, immediately after coming home I was thrown right back into some bullshit I didn’t want (or need) but such is life. I’m not writing about some of that because it involves people I care about and while I choose to talk about my life and my struggle I make a very conscious effort not to talk too much about anyone else. They get to keep their lives personal if that is what they want to do (which yes most people in my life are very private and seem to view this blog as me “airing dirty laundry” – the only “dirty laundry” I intend to air is my relationship with my adoptive mother because she has caused many of my issues and I am now trying to fix those and fixing those, and share that story would be impossible without being able to write about it).
  3. I will have internet again this coming weekend. I’m super excited. Netflix here I come, I’m going to binge watch until the damn end of time (but not really).
  4. I’m in love with my new client’s horse. In reality, it’s not that new. I’ve been riding this guy for almost 6 weeks now! We’re still having “discussions” during ground work but under saddle he is so incredibly willing and fun, one of his former owners actually complimented my riding on Facebook and said that he’s not an easy ride (which he’s not) so that made me feel super awesome and I know my client is loving his progress which is awesome since I depend on her to keep me on working with him!